You aren't a shotcaller.

You are sub diamond, you don't understand the game and you don't understand macro and micro. We are in a game full of silver/gold players, we know how to faceroll and feed. thats it. Throwing around "calls" left and right is only going to get us caught in the enemy jungle because you _think_ you know where they are. You don't know anything, the moment you think you do is the moment you stop progressing as a player and get stuck in supposed elo hell. Which is just your own making. Even challenger players still have to improve on a daily basis if they want to stay in challenger or hopefully go pro one day, there is never a point where you know everything about this game. Even the devs don't know everything. So when another player makes a call, and you go and shut them down for a "bad call" just remember the 12 calls you made earlier that all lead to deaths. Its important to call out information like missing laners and junglers, but we as low elo'ers don't know enough to go around calling for big and complicated plays because we aren't good enough to execute on them 100 percent of the time nor do we have the game knowledge to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each play. Focus on your mechanics, and absorb as much macro knowledge as you can, and in the meantime, stick to pings. You will win a lot more games. Edit: This post was to bring up that focusing on your own mistakes is far more important than focusing on your teammates mistakes. ego and pride take way too much space in this game atm. Don't be the reason your team loses, and don't credit yourself when you win. Its a team effort, (mostly just flailing around angrily until the game ends in terms of our elo... ;P) -- A perfectly below average player Edit: It seems the post is being downvoted by players who feel this doesn't apply to them. They then comment that they are an amazing shotcaller, _yet they are in gold/silver_ {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Edit: There has not been a single argument to my post that had any evidence to support it, and they all have at least one line that basically says "cry more" or "I don't need to prove anything". further proving my point on arrogance.
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