Muting all my in game sounds causes me to play much more consistently better

I'm not talking about muting pings or chat, but the in game sound from so many abilities spammed and pings can be so stressful, and they cause my confidence in my mechanics to decrease significantly. I found that while playing in game, and turning my sound off, I could dodge skill shots and land my barrels as gangplank much more consistently, and even perform the phantom barrel combo with much higher confidence. I feel like the overload of information from the spamming of pings and abilities clouds my mind and causes my mechanics to worsen considerably, and my decision making is also negatively affected by the stress that the overload of in game sounds cause in a team fight. I think in game sounds are important for laning phase to watch map and enemy jungler location, but you don't need sound to see enemy summoners being pinged in chat before you make a play based on their summoners being available or not.
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