Not even a point in playing the game if your against ahri.

She can just hit charm and deal 2/3 of your health and charm you long enough before you can even trade back while shoving the wave, Then you have to recall and ahri has a level advantage and then she can just onto you with e and then burst combo you with ignite and ult out before the jungler can kill you, Absoulute cancer of a champion. Ahri didn't need buffed at all im sorry but a 49% winrate with a 15% pickrate is not bad. I don't understand. With her buffed charm duration she can trade with you before you can even trade back, and if your jungler is around its actually just a free kill. Btw "Ahri is gonna be gutted with domination nerfs!" meanwhile 53.14% with a 11.82% winrate still dominating midlane.
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