Farewell to the League of Legends

我是一名在美国的中国玩家,我从S2开始玩英雄联盟我记得是M5夺冠哪年。说真的我已经不记得我玩这个游戏多少年了。我从一个单身狗到现在结婚生子,一直到现在我还在坚持着。可是今天我要说再见了,也许是我老了已经不适合玩这个游戏,每次玩我都非常生气总是自己不行或者队友不行,也许我的实力之停留在M5那个时期。是时候说告别了,在这个游戏里我投入了我的青春。但是现在这里不属于我,因为我太菜了。也许我只是想娱乐,排位赛已经不适合我。我更希望有很多娱乐的可以玩,而不是现在这样我一点失误就让我没办法也没信心在玩下去感觉就像浪费时间一样。我叫Colorful1 永别了英雄联盟 The following is Google Translate I am a Chinese player in the United States. I started playing League of Legends from S2. I remember when the M5 won the championship. Seriously, I can't remember how many years I played this game. I have been married and have children from a single dog, and I still insist on it until now. But today I have to say goodbye. Maybe I am old and I am not suitable for playing this game. Every time I play, I am very angry. I can’t do it myself or my teammates can’t. Maybe my strength stays at M5. It’s time to say goodbye. In this game I invested my youth. But now it doesn't belong to me because I am too dishy. Maybe I just want to entertain, and qualifying is no longer suitable for me. I also hope that there is a lot of entertainment to play, not now. I am so mistaken that I can't help but have no confidence in playing. It feels like a waste of time. My name is Colorful1. Farewell to the League of Legends
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