Karma Worst Midlane and 2nd Worst Support

This shield nerf really put her in the worst spot she has been in awhile. This is proof that for the past 5 years Riot Games have been working with a kit that has not worked well since the relaunch. Everything that was unique and interesting on this champion was removed and what was left is a generic kit that is buffed to the sky with power. Players don't like playing as Karma or going up against Karma because she is such an annoyance to play against, because of her kit. As a Karma main since season 2 I can tell you no one likes playing her and for the past 5 years the vast majority of the playerbse that actually likes Karma, has told this Development team the kit is not working. The Ardent Censor meta really clouded any feedback, development and work that could have been done on Karma because they overbuffed her shields and created an entire line of itemization that revolved around that. Everyone told them it was a horrible decision to make not just Karma, but enchanters in general, revolve around shields/heals. Look where we are now not just with Karma but with Lulu, Orianna and many others. Now the mains of these champions are waiting for hypothetical work to be done on their favorite champions, but in reality it will be just another shield buff. ----------- Karma needs her entire kit reworked, she needs a little more skill and uniqueness, she needs incomplete art assets finished, and above all Karma needs a damn identity. This is all stuff that was taken away or not completed because of the relaunch that no one liked to begin with. Everyone has been telling them this for years now and here they are slotting a potential rework spot for a champion that should have received work well before half of the roster that has been reverted now.
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