level 35 and i get 810 BE

Im actually done with league at this point 810 BE in 4 days no im sorry like 1000 BE bc of first day win BE!? WHAT A JOKE guys i used to get like 400 IP a day EASILY! this just makes league not even worth playing anymore. It sucks becaues i LOVE THIS GAME! and im passionate about learning and getting better at it! but its been 3 weeks and im no where near getting a new champion! not even any of the 4800 champs! I i dont give a crap about what anyone says about this math its NOT RIGHT. if i grinded 3-4 games a day of league i easily got 300 IP EASILY espically if i won the games! I really cant imagine how this new system will keep players! i can see how it can get them to come but no way in heck its gonna keep players! i mean comon its nearly impossible to get a champion valued at 6300 BE. It takes about a month to GET ONE! especially at the rates im getting BE! i used to be able to get a 6300 champ in 2-3 weeks MAX and that was if i played a reasonable amount of games a day! like 3-4 max! ive totally lost my motivation to play this game. its just so disappointing to not be rewarded accordingly for putting so much time into this game. ive made so many posts about this and have honestly put bogus numbers that were exagerated. but this is real! i just opened a capsule ( that took me 4 days to get btw) that game me a nidalee shard (630 BE) a singed shard (90BE) and 90 BE itself! this is insane! why is my BE based on an RNG BASED SYSTEM! like if i got another 200-630 then its reasonable! (not better than the old system!). im just really frustrated becaues im not being rewarded for playing a game i enjoy to play. and its really deterring me from continuing to play. I have a few skins on this game that i bought a while back and during season 7 ranked i was considering buying new ones.. but im not supporting a game that is so greedy i cant even earn the champs in a reasonable amount of time!!! the fact there isnt more uproar about this is surprising to say the least especially when in the last 2-3 capsules ive been totally screwed! is it just me!? am i crazy!? and just have had terrrible luck? or is this happeneing to everyone! and if it is we need to stand up to riot! becaues this is RIDICULOUS. sorry im really upset about this and have wanted to buy elise for the longest time! and bc of this new update i regret not getting her before these changeS!
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