Do people play the champs they complain about?

I'm seeing so many Akali, Yasuo, Zoe hate threads it's legit starting to get annoying. Akali especially, is a really well done rework. She's in a really good spot right now, with the only tweaking I'd give her being actual buffs, but meh. Yasuo gets bursted down pretty well. If your team has two forms of CC he's probably dead. Pantheon... heck even Darius will just shut him down. I will not deny that conqueror plus infinity edge is really strong though. Yasuo isn't the main abuser of this AD burst however. The worst offender of this is Fiora, Master Yi, and Tryndamere coming in close behind. Yasuo's kit as a whole is fine, not to mention interesting. Zoe is not a problem. Ignite is a problem. I'm assuming everyone's seen the wukong level 2 kill with ignite electrocute proc? Rune damage combined with ignite procking electrocute is the problem. I play Zoe with klepto and she's quite healthy. It's nothing like Nidalee. She has to castbackwards, it's her ONLY reliable damaging ability, Nidalee has Pounce, E, Q, and the CC setup can be blocked by minions. The way I see it, a lot of players just don't respect her damage, so they don't play around their minions and when they get caught, suffer for it. Not only that but she's weak as fuck to ganks. A lot of the complaints I'm seeing over and over again on these champs I'd think wouldn't be as severe if they just played the champs and saw their weaknesses. Yasuo for instance has a ton of weaknesses that's not just CC. He has a very unreliable CC ability. His knockup only starts once he hits his Q twice before. He's also melee. You're supposed to harass him. If he's dodging your abilities via E, which DOES have a cooldown between dashes, then you're playing worse than he is and he deserves to kill you. W is on a 20 second cooldown rank 1 and is maxed last. He doesn't build CDR... He also has no innate sustain. So many weaknesses... so many. Since he has to attack minions to get Tornado he pushes hard inadvertently so he's weak to ganks. He can't E to ally minions. So many weaknesses... so many. His core items are zeal items and are quite expensive so his powerspike comes at a decent point in the game. AP casters are generally stronger after first back then he is by QUITE a lot. His first back is just crit chance and attack speed. Godamn he has weaknesses. If he's kicking your ass, plz understand that the yasuo is legit an objectively better player than you. That's just Yasuo. Zoe... whoo boy Zoe... Only one reliable damaging ability. Relatively high mana costs with no passive way to regen mana. Hyper telegraphed CC spell that will not work if you are behind a minion. Needs to pick up summs from minions so she gives you an opportunity to harass her whenever she wants to make her W actually do anything. If the W she gets is not a damaging ability it will contribute nothing to her damage as the orbs and movement speed boost is barely enough to kill a caster minion. So like for real. Plz... just play them for yourself.
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