What if we gave Akali the Azir treatment?

What I mean is make it to where her shroud's duration is reduced whenever she is under tower. Or, possibly, make it to where it takes more time for her to go into stealth when she is under tower, that way she can get hit by tower shots. I'm not saying this because I hate Akali, and want to see her die in a hole. Instead, I want to play her. I devoted an entire month to playing her, and even have 2 mastery 7 tokens for her sitting in my loot table. I don't care if people ban her more than Yasuo, I can work with that. I just want to be able to play a champ I like without feeling like I'm having the champ work against me. Unfortunately, Riot is against removing her true invisibility, so, I'm just trying to find a middle ground, that way she can get some power back into her kit, and actually feel like a real champ! And to make things worse, this isn't a situation where Akali is strong in pro-play, and must be toned down so she doesn't dominate the pro-scene. Sure, she's *good* in pro play, but nothing like Azir, Ryze, or Kalista where they thrive on twitch gameplay, and team coordination.
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