AFK LP Compensation

I know many people have asked to get LP back because someone trolled, int'd, or AFK'd, and that it won't happen. But what about LP Loss Reduction? So if somebody AFK's then everybody else loses 20% less LP. For example, if you gain 20LP and lose 15, in a game where someone is AFK then you only lose about 12. Also for the case where people say 'oh but by the time the AFK'er/feeder has been recognized and punished, it'll be too late and you'll have already played plenty of games', why not count it to the next game? So for example, you lose a game where someone AFK'd, and you should lose 15 LP. And so you do. But then the system recognizes there was an AFK in your team. Then from the moment that player is recognized, the players in that game are compensated with less LP loss on their next loss. So the next game they play AFTER the recognition will use that compensation. Surely this can't hurt the latter that much (if it even causes any damage at all), and unwinnable games because of griefing temamates is a large source of frustration for many players.
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