Are you actually doing everything to improve your performance in terms of fps?

Lately I've been seeing constantly on boards about people having issues with the game and fps drops. I just witnessed an aram game a while ago that made me really want to write this post because that game I saw 3 enemy teammates literally afk. The other two on the enemy team were helpless and couldn't even remake. Are you players even maximizing your computer's performance? I've never had a single crash this entire year of 2019. I always have my game at lowest quality, no vsync, 60 fps locked, have client close when in game, play in low spec mode, and i have decent internet connection. My computer is not the most powerful and i don't have the best of internet but using these settings, I've not had a single crash this whole year. So it's shocking when I see a phenomenal amount of players saying riot's game is bad and they have huge fps drops etc. Are you all doing the most you can do to improve your performance? I will agree that maybe riot probably did something bad if we are forced to play with the settings I have stated for good performance, but hey if that's what it takes, I'd rather play the game with no crash or lag spikes than play the game all beautiful but it crashes and i lag a lot.
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