New Champion Idea

Based on Qiyana and other new champion designs put forth by Riot, I have come up with my own fascinating idea for a new champion. The champion is named Brent, and is non-gender conforming. Passive: Brent drives around in a Mercedes Benz their parents bought them. The car gives Brent 50% bonus hp, unless they collide with a wall, where they will be dismounted until they return to tbe base. Q: From their Mercedes, Brent throws one of their cell phones at you, dealing damage and causing the opponent to be disoriented for t seconds. Disorientation is a new form of cc, which causes enemies to stumble about in a daze and use their abilities uncontrollably, causing them to dish out damage to those nearby (including allies). W: Active: Brent speeds into you with their car, causing them to gain movement speed and deal damage. Passive 1: Brent is an ardent believer in the notion that resources should be distributed equally. When Brent is in the game, all gold generated is split 10 ways, and is distributed evenly amongst all players involved. Passive 2: Brent berates all those around him for being morally inferior, causing all enemies on the map to lose 10% of their ad. On a Tuesday, this ability will cause a 10% defence reduction instead... UNLESS it is past 5 PM, in which case this passive allows Brent and their team to gain 10% ad. Passive 3: Brent recieves a random ultimate from the enemy team if the stock market in Madagascar is doing well on that day. Well is not defined, which adds a much needed level of complexity to game play, as players will need to become versed in economics to utilize the kit to its full potential; complexity is always a good thing, and also this is creative. Im too tired to finish, and I need some sleep. Lmk if u have any good ideas.
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