Dragon RNG Heavily Favors Mountain Dragon Spawning

As the title suggest, its seems that the game highly favors one opposing dragon (in terms of 3rd dragon elements) to the others. In shot these are the results I have gathered over the course of 20 + games so far (Some exaggeration): * Infernal - 2x * Mountain - 10+ * Ocean - 4x * Cloud - 2x Now my question is why its only Mountain Riot?, I like the changes but having to look at the same elemental dragon every single game kinda gets slightly annoying. I want to see an infernal or cloud for once :|. I would like to also note that Elder is clearly broken considering when riot said and will quote "if you are behind this will be a game changer".... it really is, for the winning team. The meta has gotten so out of hand that one simple mistake will end the game. Its unforgiving. I wont get started with the Jungle role changes as they are even worse..... any how dragons need to be changed

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