Tackling the Master Yi problem

Following 9.10, Master Yi's winrate has gotten **higher** in low elo and **lower** in high elo. This is not what the changes intended. >We want to increase the satisfaction on key parts of Master Yi's kit while nerfing him in ways that'll help out those who don't know how to counter him. [Those with more experience won't find Master Yi significantly better or worse, but he won't continue to dominate in average play.](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-910-notes#patch-masteryi) *Stats are from u.gg* There are many possible reasons why Master Yi became better in low elo. * Alpha Strike changes have counterplay (stand near a minion wave to reduce the single target damage, walk towards your turret when Master Yi alpha strikes you) that high elo players take advantage of and low elo players don't. * Alpha Strike also became much easier to use. 1 second of untargetability is very generous for following dashes, and dodging spells. Playing Yi vs Jax is very easy now, for example, because you'll almost always dodge his stun. I have a few ideas of how Master Yi can be brought into line with other champions. **Risky idea - Make Alpha Strike shorter** If Alpha Strike has a faster animation, then he spends less time untargetable and needs to time his spellcast more carefully. This should also make Master Yi able to gank more effectively, because he won't have to worry as much about being dragged into turret range. Lastly, making Master Yi untargetable less might be the perfect nerf to make Master Yi less annoying to play against so he gets banned less. **Boring idea - Give Master Yi meaningful mana costs** I have never run oom on Master Yi in the last 2 years, no matter how carelessly I spammed Alpha Strike. Alpha Strike has a modest mana cost (50-70 mana) and Wuju Style costs nothing at all. Alpha Strike used to cost 110 mana, which was too much, but at least it meant players had to budget their mana. Planning how to use mana is a skill that can be used to separate low level and high level players. Look at Ryze for example, mana is his only early game weakness and it does very little to limit the power of great Ryze players. And he's straight up useless in normal play by average players. Master Yi could be a lot weaker in low elo if Alpha Strike cost 60-90 mana and Wuju Style cost 50 mana to use. **Simple idea - Revert a bad nerf** Alpha Strike deals bonus damage to monsters. It used to do bonus damage to minions as well. This was an unnecessary nerf to lane Master Yi, but it was also a significant nerf to jungle Master Yi in high elo. One of the differences between good and bad junglers is that good junglers help laners push the lane after a successful gank, or just to help their laners recall. Giving Master Yi his waveclear back would make him a little better in high elo. **Simple nerf - Lower isolated Q damage** Master Yi is not Kha'Zix. He shouldn't be relying so much on his opponents being isolated for him to deal damage. Right now you deal 25% bonus damage for extra hits on the same target (up to 175% damage total), perhaps it could be lowered to 20% or less. **Shift power from late game to the early game** ~~Simply change Highlander's attack speed from 30-80% attack speed to something more reasonable like 40-60%. Early game power is more valuable than lategame scaling in high elo.~~ I'm tossing away this suggestion. A lot of Yi players feel that losing the AD from E was already more than enough of a nerf to his scaling, and to go further would erode his identity as a champion. And honestly, I have to agree. **More Ambitious change - New Q function** If Master Yi's target dies while he is in Alpha Strike, then he returns to his starting position. This is annoying, but situationally useful, such as when you want to waveclear safely or poke during a siege. So my suggestion has two parts: First, make it so Alpha Strike always blinks to the target selected, even if it dies. Second, add a new function to Q: Holding Q during Alpha Strike returns Master Yi to his starting position. This solves a number of problems with Master Yi's design that make him unviable in high elo. * Master Yi can only interact with opponents by going all-in. * Master Yi cannot interact with opponents when it's too dangerous to blink on them. * Master Yi has nothing to fall back on if he's too weak to all-in and kill all enemies in the vicinity. **Massive change #2 - Wuju Style rework A** Lots of different possibilities here: * Make it a short range, short cooldown true damage skillshot similar to Yasuo's Q. * Make it a skillshot projectile that activates Wuju Style if Master Yi hits a target. * Make the spell a short cooldown, short distance dash that deals true damage to enemies Master Yi dashes through. If Yi does not dash through an enemy, then he instantly dashes back to his starting position. **Simple change to Alpha Strike** Instead of Master Yi blinking on top of his target of Alpha Strike, he blinks 100 units or so in the direction of his mouse. Make his positioning a little less predictable like Kayn R. **Massive change - Wuju Style rework B** New E passive: Master Yi deals true damage on-hit for 5 seconds after attacking an enemy champion. Wuju Style then goes on cooldown until Master Yi has stopped attacking for 4 seconds, or gotten a kill/assist. New E active: For 3 seconds, Master Yi has sight of all non-invisible units within 800 units of himself. He can see through walls and into bushes. Invisible champions appear as shadows (like when you use red trinket). * New passive fulfills the original purpose of Wuju Style. * New active helps Master Yi scout fog of war for Alpha Strike targets. * In theory, vision is more useful for high elo players than average players. * Puts the goggles to use. **Consider making Master Yi an Energy champion.** This champion is already effectively manaless, with no significant mana gating. Maybe energy would make more sense for this champion. Alpha Strike and Wuju Style could cost energy, while Meditating recovers energy. This would considerably raise the difficulty of the champion without changing his outputs.
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