I wish Riot would make utility more accessible to ANY champ who wants to improve their utility grade

I wish Riot would take a look at the utiltiy stat. It seems to be set up right now so that unless your champion has a hard CC / heal / shield in their kit, it's nearly impossible to get any kind of decent grade in utility. Slows are available to everyone (through items or runes), but slows seem to get very little credit in the utility grade. So basically, the utiltiy score just seems inaccessible. This is frustrating to me because, as my name suggests, I play Kog'Maw, who has only slows. I've tested every imaginable option to try to improve my utiltiy grade on Kog, and it just seems completely inaccessible. All the other grades and stats feel like YOU can change what YOU DO, and get those grades improved. But utility grades are the only stat that isn't accessible like that. No matter what you do, if your champ doesn't have a utility ability in their kit (something OTHER than a slow), then there is absolutely NOTHING you can do to significantly improve your utility score. Your utility score is going to always be shit, and there's nothing you can do about it. I hate that. I wish Riot would look into this and find ways to open up some utility options that ANY champion can access, for players who want to improve their utility grade.
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