Just how do I support the RIGHT way?

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I wanna figure this out properly once and for all. In this game, I called mid, but someone playing {{champion:246}} Qiyana called second but was persistent on it so I thought OK fine let him. So I picked {{champion:37}} Sona to support the {{champion:22}} Ashe that was in the team. Mind you, I am not the greatest support ever, I haven't even reached level 30 in my account so in my mind, as a support I assumed I heal my ADC as much as possible whenever I get the chance. So the game begins and I buy the recommended start cause again I am new to this game and I go bot. Surprise, Ashe went top lane with the {{champion:31}} Cho'Gath. And the {{champion:420}} Illaoi and the {{champion:99}} Lux from the enemy team started rushing me bot. Even being a new player, I can see that these were weird roles but I thought okay why not? So while the Qiyana, the {{champion:141}} Kayn who's jungling and the Cho'Gath were harassing the Ashe to go back bot, I was holding off the VERY aggressive bot lane from our turret. Luckily for me the Illaoi and the Lux kept tower diving me and as a result, I got first blood and another kill, by the time the Ashe moseyed her way down to bot lane. So I did what I think is be a good support by healing my ADC, bringing minions and champions to low health when possible for me so that the Ashe can secure the kills and giving the movement speed buff to my team when in escape mode or when someone needs an edge to catch up to a low HP opponent. Other than Ashe, who was supportive of what I was doing and was very happy, the Kayn and the Qiyana, man their attitude. They kept calling me a horrible support. This got to the point where they kept yelling at me to STOP healing them claiming they can take care of themselves. Also, Kayn kept blaming me when Ashe accidently stole red buff from him which hey I get it why he or she is mad but he blamed me being a horrible support as the cause. We won the game cause the enemy surrendered. I must've probably gotten reported by the Kayn and Qiyana which sucks, but instead of yelling at them ingame, I figured I'd ask the board basically- **"How do I play as a good support?"**
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