Revert Aatrox

Hi all, after the video from exil a lot of us from aatrox mains are still crying out for change and a way to get aatrox's identity back in some form it covers it really well and expresses how the removal was a complete removal not a rework. Theres nothing in the game anymore that really fills that void of his old playstyle and were hoping to get any kind of change out of this. There are a lot of valid reasons to why old aatrox was unhealthy but some of the final stages of his minireworks he was in a good place with clear counter play options and still the amazing playstyle that we enjoyed so if theres anything we could get back from that it would be amazing. Personally ive spent over 1 million points into the old aatrox before rework and know a lot of others with a ton of points on him aswell. its something where we loved the character and gameplay but was taken away with out care for the ones who really enjoyed it to replace it with something that is only similar in name.

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