What is the absolute best champion for me?

So ive been playing league for some time now (with a few different accs), and i still havent figured out which champion is the best for me, everything i play just doesnt make me feel like i'm having fun, sure it makes me feel good to be able to win teamfights and games, etc... but its not enough, the only thing that makes me feel like im doing well and having a good ol' time is INTING {{champion:14}} , the strat just requires you to take towers, dying alot? doesnt matter! just take the tower! And i win 99% of the time, but its just feels unfair for the enemy team as i know how frustrating it can be just having 1 person thats constantly takes your side towers, needing constant team communication which is hard to find in soloq, always needing 1,2 people or even your entire team to defend base leaving you at a disadvantage in teamfights. -------- In short, im not having fun in league, inting {{champion:14}} is fun but unfair,though unfair isnt the thing im too worried about, inting {{champion:14}} is too repetitive, what champion suits me the best? Preferences: - Still relevant after being behind - Can turn games around - Doesn't die too quickly, aka doesnt get bursted TOO hard - Is fun - Not Too Repetitive To Play - A Decent Champion - Not too high pick/ban rate - A good early/snowball champion (I Might have missed some stuff i like, feel free to suggest anything)
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