Forgotten Champs - Some Ideas To Make Them Interesting Again

Now I know that not all of these Champs can be considered Forgotten, and I know that some might be in scope for a Full VGU, but I would just like to share some ideas to make some champions more fun to play by giving them more diversity or by giving them a more clear role. First of is Pantheon {{champion:80}} Giving his Q On-Hit effects will open up a lot of possibilities for him. Now I just feel like you need to buy Duskblade and other Lethality items and that's it, but with On-Hit effects I can easily see Blue-builds/ Triforce become more viable next to Duskblade. If this would give him to much damage, reducing base-damage accordingly should balance it out. Leona {{champion:89}} Most defensive champs (Vanguards and Wardens) have some form of health scaling in their abilities. I would love to see health scaling on her W next to the Armor and MR. This way it actually matters to buy some health on her. Of course, it should not be to much, adjust values accordingly. Rammus {{champion:33}} This little guys seems really forgotten to me. However, his unique movepool and appearance should not be wasted. I feel like he should get some meaningful buffs that would make him more viable and interesting. Adding a 0.25s **root** to every wave of his ultimate would make playing him and around him a lot more interesting in teamfights. Think about it, when the ground beneath you trembles, you wouldn't be able to walk normally, right? Volibear {{champion:106}} Now this champ might be in scope for a full VGU, but I would like to share some thoughts anyway. Having this Juggernaut based on Attack Speed feels odd to me. I would change his W passive where every 3rd basic attack on a champion would be an automatic bite with increased damage, instead of AS. Next to that, I would change the active to giving him some damage reduction for a few seconds (Similar to Garen). Or maybe the other way around, upon activation increases damage, but reduces defenses, as that resembles 'Frenzy' more. His R needs a complete overhaul. One where he matters as a significant presence in a teamfight, instead of just slapping away with random lighting across the screen. New R: Upon activation Volibear gains 3/4/5 charges. Every basic attack consumes a charge to deal x damage and stun his target for 1s. The second charge spent on the same target only stuns for half a second (Adds to the duration if still stunned) and the 3rd, 4th and 5th charge will only stun for 0.25s. (Total stun duration on a single target will than be 1.75/2/2.25s at rank 3/4/5) To retain the effect of the original ability, a chain lightning can still be added, but damage ratios should be balanced accordingly. Wukong {{champion:62}} With the release of Neeko his clone feels like it could have a lot more possibilities. Making it a manually movable clone (like Shaco-R) could give him a lot more play potential. Having the clone be able to use abilities without damage would be amazing, but that will be probably be to strong and too hard to code into the game. A solution could be to have it spin like Wukong's ultimate at the end of it's duration for 1-2 seconds (however it doesnt deal damage or knock up enemies). You can move the clone (out of brush for example) into the enemy team and fake the ultimate. This should give interesting plays. Zyra {{champion:143}} The only thing I would change about Zyra are her Vine Lashers on her E. When you have a Rylais, the slow on these guys feel redundant. I know the slow is bigger, but I would like to see a different mechanic on these plants. One thing that comes to mind is some form of sap magic. They would each create a tether to a unique enemy and damage them per tick. Zyra restores health and mana for every tick as well. This would make deciding between offensive plants and defensive plants a lot more interesting. That is about it for now. I hope you like these ideas as well and feel free to reply with some ideas of your own, or if you have some changes/additions to the above.
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