Please upvote this thread to raise awareness of Top Laner Syndrome.

1 in every 4 american LOL players suffers from Top Laner Syndrome, or knows someone who suffers from TLS. It is a destructive, crippling mental illness that plagues children and adults alike. Currently, there is no cure. But we're trying to help raise awareness, so that maybe someday, someone will find a cure for this terrible disease. You, or a loved one may have TLS if you've ever done any of the following: - Had a score line of 0/5 or worse by 5 minutes into the game as a top laner. -Had a score line of 0/8 or worse by 10 minutes into the game as a top laner. -Had a score of 0/12 or worse by the end of the game as a top laner. You may also have had the following recurring thoughts: -This time is going to be different. -I almost killed him last time, this time I'll get him for sure. -He only lived because he did (x action), he won't do that next time. -I only lost because I couldn't (x action), next time I'll do it and I'll win. Top laner syndrome is a terrible illness that affects millions, but with your help, and your dedication to spreading awareness, we can end TLS once and for all. Let your duo partner or loved one know... Its OK to play passively in lane. Its ok to farm under tower and wait for ganks. Its ok to build defensive items once you fall behind. Its ok to type in chat "I lost this lane, I need help. Just gonna be safe from now on." Nobody needs to be a victim. Not anymore. Jesus loves you.
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