Unpopular opinion regarding the support itemization changes: support feels stronger to me

Former highish elo support main here (masters 67 lp s6 peak, ended d2-d1 every season except 8/9 cus afk from league until recently.) I've noticed there's been a lot of complaints regarding the support item changes, despite the changes feeling great to me. I have a couple of reasons why I feel like it's stronger. Not having to buy the support item on first back allows you to buy core item components on your first back and helps you get your core items much quicker. For example, if you were playing Lulu on the previous patch and you backed with 800 gold, you'd buy a frostfang and potentially faerie charm(s) and some pots. With this new patch, you can buy an amp tome and 2 faerie charms (685 gold) and two pots. What this does is allow you to build ardent censer much quicker than you would be able to on the previous patch. A more direct and powerful example would be being able to buy mobility boots first back on a melee support instead of having to go relic upgrade and boots 1, allowing you to apply tons of pressure elsewhere on the map if need be. The gold efficiency of the items is massive. According to the League of Legends Wikipedia, the Shard of True Ice offers a 426.25% gold efficiency worth of stats alone. For 400 gold, you get: 1. 60 ap (which is worth 1305 gold) 2. 150 hp (worth 400 gold) The gold efficiency of the previous support item, Remnant of the Watchers, is valued at 100.63% from the same source. For 1800 gold, you get: 1. 35 ap (worth 761.25 gold) 2. 10% cd (266.67 gold) 3. 200 hp ( 533.33 gold) 4. 50% base mana regen (250 gold) Altogether, It comes to about 1811 gold worth of stats. Not very efficient. The gold efficiency comparisons on the other items are very similar. with Pauldrons of Whiterock (one of the new relic lines) coming in at 410% gold efficiency vs Remnant of the Aspect (old relic upgrade) being at 100% gold efficiency. I will agree that not receiving gold after the item upgrades feels bad and unsatisfying at first, but they would be too strong if they kept generating gold after the 1000 gold. It confused me when I first played with it, but after playing on it some more I quickly realized that it felt stronger due to having earlier access to core builds and seeing how incredibly gold efficient the new items are.

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