Yasuo into mundo top

If you play yasuo top please ban mundo. I had this one game where I played mundo against yasuo top. My internet dced at the start so I was about 6-7 minutes behind. I got to lane and farmed under tower for a while, until he was 6 and I was 5. Then I walked over and autoed him to death. He was under his tower the rest of the game. Then the reverse happened, the yasuo was on my team. And he got owned. He kept trying to push his lane too, and just died over and over again. Then he'd complain about "oh such a low skill champion, mundo missed ever skill shot". Complaining isn't going to do anything, instabanning mundo will. So please yasuo mains it doesn't matter if you get executioners call first, it doesn't matter if you are m7, it doesn't matter if you hit every tornado, and it doesn't matter if mundo misses every cleaver. Cleavers are not his main source of damage and picking yasuo into mundo top is asking for a loss.
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