Riot's justifications for several preseason changes don't make any sense

{{item:3134}} "We don't like component items whose passives don't appear in the fully built version." {{item:3853}} {{item:3864}} {{item:3857}} {{item:3860}} "Well, except support items. Just don't have income late game you ward bot lul." {{item:3512}} "We don't like gameplay systems that promote non-interactive playstyles." {{item:3181}} "Well except an actually viable split push item that also annihilates any single person who comes alone to stop you lul." These are only the item changes too. I actually don't mind the rift changes and nerfs to early game dragons but the soul being an instawin is something that needs to be looked at. The game doesn't even go long enough for the soul to be claimed in most of my games, but the toxicity thrown at junglers who fail to get a single dragon is absolutely nuts. Meanwhile, we have 3 bushes bot lane which is actually a more impactful change than the smoking area they added down there and makes it harder to keep vision control. I've been playing since season 1 and every time I try to have a positive experience this preseason, the matchmaking queues me into games vs 3 or 4 Master+ players while I get Plat or lower people, as if I as a diamond 4 could stem the annihilation of my lower ranked teammates by Master+ people. Combined with the gameplay changes I mentioned before, I honestly don't know if me or the few people I know who still play will be around in a few months, we're having infinitely more fun on other games. I know that preseason is supposed to be chaos, but this doesn't feel like chaos to me. It feels a continuation of the last few disastrous seasons with even more annoying stuff no one asked for. Why connect dragon buff changes to the environmental changes at all? You could've brought back a revamped version of smite buffs which people actually liked and had random environmental changes still happen to spruce up the environment. Why rebalance supports by deleting their end game ability to actually buy items and ruining the dream of the full build support? Why rebalance Conqueror for some god forsaken reason after a solid year and a half of trying to get it into the right place, only to reset how problematic the rune is?
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