Something Is Actually Wrong With Solo Queue

Solo Queue feels very aweful right now. When I queue up, it is specifically to achieve the next rank, and get the shiney border. I do not queue up to get better at the game. The main reason I'm complaining, is because even though I find myself to be better than these players, I struggle to win against them because of the unstoppable snowballing of games, and because of the current pool of strong champions. However, queueing up for games feels aweful. Every game I get into, I hope and pray that my team is decent at the game. I do not expect them to win, or to even do well. I expect them to spend the first 10 minutes comfortably keeping their place in the game, until I can snowball out of control. An ideal game looks like this: I bully out my enemy laner, as like I said before, I should be better than them. After this, I roam to bully the enemy jungler, and the enemy bot lane. Most of the time, this works well and helps my team to easily win the game. Recently, games have not been working like this. In all roles, there are several champions that can easily prevent you from getting an early lead. For example, top lane has Darius and Vladimir, and Mid has Vladimir Talon Zed and Swain. Each of these champions all have their own issues, but in some way,they can prevent you from snowballing and/or force you to stay far back behind your minions. Because of this, I am unable to do anything, as I watch my team get solo killed repeatedly. I cannot roam, because If i do, I will lose my tower. I cannot farm, because I will get shoved out of lane. And I cannot fight them, because they are designed to either be extremely safe, or destroy you in a duel. Even though I'm just ranting out of frustration, it is obvious that Riot is very ignorant about the problems in Solo Queue. They seem to balance based on both casual (meaning normal games/very low elo games), or for competitive. Especially these last few patches, there has been very little balancing done around solo queue, which is upsetting, because these problems have been around for a long time, and have been this extreme since the introduction of thenew runes. The only thing I want from riot is to make the game feel like a battle, not a one sided stomp. TLDR: Another post about Solo Queue being too snowbally. Thanks for reading

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