Sejuani is in a terrible state and Riot needs to commit to substantial changes

No sugar-coating it, Sejuani is in a state of being absolute garbage and has been for a while now. After this latest set of buffs to Sejuani's numbers her winrate has climbed 0.7% to 44.3% (U.GG). Literally nobody except Sejuani mains play this champion anymore (her pickrate climbed early on in this patch because people thought she would be good with her latest buffs, little did they know shes still just as terrible) and even they cant make this champion work; the only place this champion really works is in professional play where they abuse her so hard that Riot is forced to keep Sej in such a weak state that she sits in F tier for solo queue. **The only real solution to this problem is changing Sejuani's kit.** I polled Sejuani mains over on r/sejuanimains asking them what they wanted Riot to do with Sejuani, [here are those results]( **Full revert to old kit** - 28 votes (**27%**) **Keep current kit, tweak numbers** - 27 votes (**26%**) **Fuse old and new kits (ex: Keeping new W and reverting E+R)** - 25 votes (**25%**) **Redesign 1 or more abilities of the current kit (ex: Complete rework of E)** - 22 votes (**22%**) As you can see the majority (74%) of Sejuani mains on the subreddit want big changes to Sejuani's abilities with only 26% wanting to keep her kit as is only doing number changes, which is the tactic that Riot has been trying to use unsuccessfully since Sejuani's rework resulting in the <45% winrates you have been seeing from Sej for a while now. Whether Riot reverts Sejuani or not is for them to decide (although 52% of the poll takers support atleast a partial revert) but I think pretty much everyone can agree that Sejuani is in a terrible state and needs some big changes done to make her a viable champion again. Thanks for reading, please fix Sejuani.
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