The Pre-season changes arent that bad.

Okay, I'm seeing a lot of threads out here doing the same exact thing that they do basically every time Pre-season comes along: Complain about things that dont really matter. This season, the complaints are definitely warranted especially towards matchmaking, let's face it the matchmaking even now is still totally screwed over and it's a gigantic issue that Riot isnt addressing that in this season despite basically the entire community unanimously agreeing that they screwed matchmaking over. This up-coming preseason however is a step in the right direction in a lot of ways. Problematic items like Spear of Shojin are getting removed, Lethality is getting looked at, Dragons are bringing more than just plain passives into the game, runes like Conqueror and Aftershock are finally getting the nerfs they need allowed Tanks to finally exist again (Thank god.) Dont even start on the "Well everyone get's spear of shojin now cause of Cloud" complaint. Fact of the matter is: The likelyhood of you or the enemy getting 2+ cloud drakes AND killing 4 drakes needed to get the passive is so unlikely that you'd be lucky to see it in one of fifty games at **best**. If you genuinely allow the enemy team to get that many drakes, you deserve to be punished for lack of objective contention. The XP changes are a bit problematic, as Jungle has already been nerfed into the ground enough (Let's face it, it's the hyper-gankers that need the attention, not the entirety of jungle itself). Over all, this pre-season is look millions of times better than what we've had to deal with in the past and does address issues that have been constantly stated in the past. We cant expect them to snap their fingers and fix everything in one single patch. That's an unrealistic and unfair expectation to have on a studio just in general. **If we bastardize steps that go in the right direction, we'll only start falling backwards again. Address issues that have large impact, like the matchmaking system still needing to be addressed. ** I will say however, dont put an execute on Elder. For the love of god, dont. That's just...why.
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