8.10 jungle changes

I create this post to discuss the recent changes in jungle xp and the addition of this new scuttler thing. I'm kind of confused because I can't really see where this whole thing is aiming at. During this season and compared to others, I believe junglers have been taking a supporting role. The solo carry 1v5 early beasts like Nidalee or Elise, or the afk farm junglers like Shyvana or Udyr ain't here anymore, instead jungling now consists on, mostly, getting your team (bot) ahead and letting those scrubs carry you. I've always felt like this should be the true nature of the jungler and hated those cheese strategies from previous seasons, but I still believe they should be viable and I think the buff of runic echoes will help bringing some of them back to the table which is great. Now here is where I become confused. After a certain point in the game, junglers start losing their power and no matter how ahead you are it's extremely hard to keep an xp advantage over the rest of players because of how xp from camps progresses. This makes solo carrying extremely hard and the motive why getting assists instead of kills is completely worth it right now. With this patch, Riot hard nerfed jungler's main strength, which is basically the xp you get at the early stages of the game, and now we can no longer gank with an xp advantage lv 3. I believe this is fair since the whole lv 3 gank can be quite can...noying, as long as we get a compensation. If we had got none I'd be uninstalling League right now. Which is it though? The new scuttler. From my understanding Riot wants to encourage both junglers duel for a monster that compensates for the xp deficit from these changes. But how is this going to help? Junglers who can't duel early on will be at a huge disadvantage compared to the enemy jungler, so not only will you have unnecessarily nerfed their clear, but also given an advantage their opponents. So this is basically huge nerf to junglers with low early presence and a "buff" (it doesn't fix the power of junglers compared to other roles) to the opposite. This fixes nothing that had to be fixed and only creates more problems imo. Not just that, but the whole scuttler mechanic itself seems quite messy... Getting this RNG spawn (yes, you get a warning but it depends on your team's pressure being it worth killing or not) and fight with shitty smites... I don't know, I really don't understand a thing about this change and hope that someone can enlighten me and say that everything will be alright. Cheers and excuse my englando.
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