Does nobody else realize Aphelios could very well come out within the next two patches, sometime in late December or early January (around when Sylas was revealed)? I know it sounds far fetched but in Voyboy's video from May we see him, which is now almost six months of development. Very possible he was started before that, and if you remember in the Champion Roadmap from October the champion after Senna was a champion built off of faith, as the post says "So I ask again: What will you sacrifice for you faith?" (such as the Lunari, which was heavily teased.) And on a comment by Redditor Deka_Oberyon he discusses how it is possible still that Aphelios could come in December, and Reav3 replies saying "Now that's what I call faith." Does nobody else find this a coincidence? I believe that Aphelios is this Lunari Marksman of sorts and that he very well could be coming in the patch with Snowdown or following Snowdown. Remember how Neeko got a snowdown skin on release? What if along with the Prestige Lee Sin Snowdown skin they also release Aphelios with a Snowdown skin? I dunno, this could be very incorrect, I guess we'll have to see. Lmk your thoughts.
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