Zed, His Lack of Weaknesses, and Seeker's Armguard

I know there's always a ton of threads complaining about Zed but he has a lot of frustrating features in his kit, and could use some tuning so laning against him isn't as much of a chore as Yasuo. He lacks much weaknesses early on and feels so irritating to go against. 1. Not suffering mana issues 2. Good waveclear (especially for an assassin) 3. Can get hexdrinker into a rough matchup and be almost unkillable while mages can't do the same (suffer mana issues, seekers is useless) 4. Post-lv 3 can all in any squishy from full health (electrocute + ignite, his passive damage etc). Maybe a problem with electrocute but one small combo and hell just kill them or send them back easily. 5. To not die so easily to prior point, stand back and he hard zones any squishy. 6. A great roamer, esp with youmuus and his mobility. 7. People act like killing someone is high skill when its just button mashing with his ult, easier to hit than it's made out to be. Does a ton more of damage. I don't know, I'm just another whiny person like everyone else on gameplay boards. He can snowball hard, and even though as soon as he gets to late game he struggles more, he is just so frustrating to deal with and go against. Maybe it's electrocute's damage pre-6 that makes it rougher, but even at 6 he can easily all in cuz his ult is on click and increases damage from all his abilities which are easily hit onto it, so dying to it feels unfair. It's an ult, it should do decent damage but either have more damage relying on his ult and decrease from his other abilities, or use the ult as more of a mobility and rely on damage from his q or something. He needs some proper weaknesses, falling off late game isn't much of one. Even a decent weakness would just be buffing seeker's armguard. It needs its armor to stack through farming, and doesn't offer or block much damage either. It needs a better passive to protect mages against AD champs. If mages are going to suffer major mana issues from not going lost chapter, **seekers needs worth the purchase**. "Then go stopwatch" is another point, but it's single use, and once you use it youll need to buy seekers straight after for some protection at least, until zhonyas. But that delays mana building so much, and means you've died, or been poked out, so much. Just I hope these made sense. Zed has a major lack of weaknesses early, and is so infuriating to go against. Seekers, the anti-ad item for mages doesn't protect as much as it should, and either one should be looked at to increase counterplay. Magic resist is much stronger than armor, so it's easier to counter ap assassins by just a null cloak, but armor is both weaker than it, and lethality cancels it out. There's barely any protective options around for mages, and I'm honestly surprised it wasnt touched during mage rework.
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