Playing mid is SO boring lately.

We all read about how shitty and useless feels these days to play top lane, but... have u played mid lane lately? Either u play a support champion (Malzahar, galio etc) or u will find urself being shit the whole game. Doesnt matter if u play safe (mage kind of ahri) and farm, cause eventually ur bot lane will win/lose (doesnt actually matter) and come mid and u will be pushed out of ur own lane as that Tristana appears to farm the whole game with the non-cd statik. This happens around min 10 now and its so frustrating. When i started playing this game it really felt like u could carry a game playing {{champion:432}} mid or whatever shit u wanted. Now either u play some shitty champ to empower ur adc or u are useless and outscaled. **BRING BACK THE GAME WE LOVED. TY.**
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