Easiest but fun to play champions to otp!

I want to one trick a champion. It works for me I otped Teemo,Shaco,Nautilus,Twitch ,Thresh and when I played games in a row my win rate was better i was on winning streaks. When I change champions every 2-3 games I lose a lot. On top lane I played Teemo only i had 64% win precent of 250 games,then I started playing some other picks and every game I played other champion. In just 50 games on top i fell on 49% win rate of 300 games. I only had winning streaks when playing only one champion I don't know why but it is like that. Now I am considering maining some new top laner. My mechanics are not that bad but I just can't struggle with trying to learn Yasuo or Riven i am afraid of missplays and honestly I am not that patient guy. What are some medium skill/easy top laners to OTP and plus fun to play. For example Garen is super easy but no one can't play 3 games in a row with him without getting bored. Suggest me champions and thank you.
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