Has riot given up on making real supports?

Pyke = an assassin with too much cc (that riot tries to sell as a "support", seriously pyke is as much as a "support" as talon and zed are) Yuumi = an untargetable mage (again, another "support" except as you see in pro, her best lane is with a garen so shes unkillable and can kill everyone with Qs over and over, its not that she supports her team HER TEAM supports her) And now Senna = an adc with too much utility (like an ashe 2.0 that riot again, is trying to sell as a "support") So are we ever getting a real support again instead of those abominations? Riot is literally taking, assassins, mages and adcs, overloading them to the point they can work with 0 farm and calling them "supports". Whatever happened to the braums/leonas/janna/nami/etc kind of supports, you know, the REAL supports. The point of supports is not killing the whole enemy team by themselfes riot, i cant be the only one who thinks this.
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