I honestly thought the first Riven main I played against was hacking

You can imagine me sitting on my Pc playing as a juggernaut with 2 armor runes and a cloth armor just barely hit lvl 6 with 700 hp (I dont think I was at full), only to get dived by a lvl 6 Riven who eats 4 tower shots and somehow fires her R mid Q and gains a shield at the same time. No joke I reported the player only to find out later that 'animation cancelling' was more than just Darius combo'ing E with Q, but some champions have the power to ACTIVATE 4 FUCKING SPELLS AT THE SAME TIME. In conclusion wtf bros :) I mean just because she has 1.2 mil Riven points doesnt mean she should have the power to run me over before I can complete one of my animations, I understand she is good at Riven but I cant think of any other champion that gives its dedicated mains exclusive access to using 4 abilities in the space of 0.1 second
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