Why can't I buy 2 boots

When i get shit on in ranked, I got to a blind pick game and play a stupid build like on-hit {{champion:201}} or ap{{champion:75}} . I was always angry that ap {{champion:36}} didn't make your cleavers OP. Until I discovered the magic of Magic Pen. It was the greatest thing in the world making the enemy {{champion:17}} go AFK after 3 shotting him with 2 {{item:3020}} . But then preseason came, and I was exited to use Comet to make this troll build even more annoying. But for some reason... I couldn't get my boots... Why Rito? Who abused this? WHO STOLE MY FUN?! I didn't hear about any champion using a double boots strat. Inters built {{item:3070}} most of the time. So why?
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