@Riot: Regarding Runes Reforged and 3v3

some rune adjustments were noted for Ascension due to the game mechanics. For example, this one: > Zombie Ward spawns a new, allied ward wherever you kill an enemy ward (or a new allied ward when your allied wards expire); however, there are no wards in Ascension… so, we’re testing out Ghost Poro. Ghost Poro allows you to summon a poro after entering a brush. The poro will stay behind and give you vision until you summon a new one, or until an enemy scares it away. > > If Ghost Poro doesn’t happen, we’ll be swapping Zombie Ward out for something more useful regardless. 3v3 doesn't use wards either, so does this apply there too? It's a bit insulting that they discussed the systems impact on a Rotating Game Mode but not Twisted Treeline. Some information on this and the other runes mentioned in Twisted Treeline would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, a hardcore ranked 3v3 player
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