I mained Evelynn for 6 years and thought the reworked skills looked great, one game later....

.... this is the worst rework, and possibly the worst character Riot has ever created. Here's what happened - Removed her early game paranoia-threat (HUGE downgrade) - Removed her early game ganking strength when it actually happened (Her current "burst" is extremely poor compared to other assassins) - Her late game is a lot weaker than it used to be and her team-fight presence is nonexistent (WTF?!), she used to have a great team fight initiation tool in Agony's Embrace, now she has nothing. - Drastically lowered her overall ult damage (Ulted an ADC who had about 20% health, he survived, wtf? yeah I get that this is one game, but heavier targets could straight up ignore my ult even at 15 to 10% health.... before, using her ult when the enemy was max health was always a great chunk of their health plus a solid shield to give you an even greater edge) - Made Hate Spike very clunky to use, I get that it's meant to be combo'd with Lust Dust which brings me to my final and most important point - **EVELYNN IS NO LONGER AN AMBUSH PREDATOR**. The entire core of her character was about catching people with their pants down; That is to say, get an enemy in a disadvantageous position/time for them.... when they're alone, weak, have their skills on cooldown, or just aren't paying attention. This is no longer possible because the vast majority of her kit is now heavily frontloaded with a skill that gives the enemy a 2.5 second warning. Whether the current Evelynn is buffed into a healthy state or not, the core of her gameplay is now completely gone. She's more of a team fighter than a burst mage assassin .... "The Ultimate Predator" as Jax was once quoted as saying..... that is no longer true. Well done Riot, you have truly killed Evelynn. For good. Forever. I am incredibly disappointed in you.

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