Pyke is way too safe

Opinion: I'm fine with champions doing massive damage as well as having cc but having to risk their escapes to do it (Talon/Rengar). I'm not ok with champions being able to deal massive damage/ Hard CC but if they fk up their initiate they can just dip out as if nothing happened. That's ekko's gimmick. Something has to give on this champion either nerf his base ms or change the stun into a slow. He's way too damn safe and racks up kills way too easily to be a "support" champion and thrive in his current state. All he has to do is wait for his teammates to do all the hard work then he cashes in with his ult and suddenly he's no longer the support but the carry. He is way too safe for all he can do something has to give. It kinda feel like recently Riot just has been handing out love tap nerfs to these problem champions.
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