Regarding Karma

I definitely think Karma did need some buffs to make her a bit stronger, but as usual Riot overdid it. I love playing Karma, mainly as a support, but now I’m concerned that Riot is going to nerf her pretty hard. If Karma does receive nerfs then please just dial back on the recent buffs, lower the Q slow to 30% and make the movespeed on her E decay after the initial 1.5 seconds. Also, when it comes to toplane Karma there’s definitely a big issue. Playing vs her feels horrible if you’re melee. I think Riot need to assess how ranged champs interact with Klepto and sheen effects, but it might be healthy to change up how Karma’s W works. I’ve always found it odd that Karma is able to heal for 40% of her missing HP, maybe lower that to around 20% and also allow her to gain back some mana, that makes a bit more sense with her intended play-style. Riot pls let Karma be viable I beg u

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