I don't think Yuumi needs to be knocked off on a displacement

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Okay, since the other thread degenerated into talking about moderation on Gameplay and some pretty nasty insults, I'd like to open up the discussion in a new thread. I'd also like to make this a challenge to the Gameplay board, so if you can change my mind on this topic, I'll pin the response and make a public apology. #**_~~Here are the rules:~~_** * If you don't think I can be open-minded, please don't bother responding. You'll just junk up the thread. * Stay on topic: _**Should the circumstances under which Yuumi is involuntarily detached be expanded and, if so, why?**_ * Your rebuttal has to at least start as a direct response to this thread, otherwise I can't pin it. You can clarify and extend in the discussion that descends from that response, though. * I've turned off voting. Your response has to stand on its own. #**_~~My argument:~~_** * Being attached to an ally is a core aspect of Yuumi's theme intended to appeal to the specific fantasy of being a wizard's familiar. * Being attached is an excellent way to express the theme, but can be tricky to balance because untargetability is problematic under many circumstances. * Much as I think it would be healthier for her to have a modal play style somewhat similar to Jayce, Yuumi is intended to be fairly simple and straightforward. Also, having to decide to be detached damages the theme. * Yuumi is currently not in a great place (see link). I think part of that is that she's one of those champions that can feel oppressive when run by a skilled player in a premade that knows how to take advantage of her strong points. I also feel she's worthy of a medium-sized rebalance based on those numbers. * Her picks and bans at Worlds are worthy of discussion. It looks to me like she was a niche pick and that teams threw a ban at her simply not to have to put up with the off-meta play. She certainly wasn't in the top 20 at Worlds and her performance there was weak. * Having displacements detach her is a straight nerf. The request to have displacements detach her feels more like a generic gripe about untargetability than a specific complaint about facing her. * Yuumi could benefit from some graphic changes that make it more clear where she is. I know that in the chaos of a big team fight, I often lose her. That's it. Good luck!

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