The Sad Reality of the Current State of Jungle

At the start of patch 9.23 riot made big changes to the way gold and exp are distributed across the rift. Significantly buffing every lane minion experience, and very slightly reducing the shared experience coverage in the bot lane. Then the jungle changes came, with jungle xp being significantly reduced for the third season in a row and catch up xp being removed, riot's only compensation buff was to reduce the camp spawn timer by 30 seconds with additionally buffing gromp's stats so it's harder to clear in compensation for gromp's additional 20 xp and 19 gold. Not to mention the fact that the scaling power of the small camps and buff camps has been completely gutted since patch 9.2 making it impossible for a jungler that even has power farm potential to be less than 2 levels down in the current meta than the top or mid laner farming his waves the same amount of time that you farm your camps in the jungle. **_Patch 9.2_** * Small Camps * Experience scales every second level instead of every level; scaling reduced from +50% to +25%. * * XP SCALING Every level from 1-7 ⇒ Levels 1/3/5/7 * GROMP XP115-172.5 ⇒ 115-143.75 * GREATER MURK WOLF XP65-97.5 ⇒ 65-81.25 * MURK WOLF XP25-37.5 ⇒ 25-31.25 * CRIMSON RAPTOR XP20-30 ⇒ 20-25 * RAPTOR XP20-30 ⇒ 20-25 * ANCIENT KRUG XP100-150 ⇒ 100-125 (reminder: first clear still grants 30% reduced XP) * KRUG XP35-52.5 ⇒ 35-43.75 * LESSER KRUG XP7-10.5 ⇒ 7-8.75 * Buff Camps * Experience scales every second level instead of every level; scaling reduced from +57% to +25%. * * XP SCALINGEvery level from 1-7 ⇒ Levels 1/3/5/7 * RED BRAMBLEBACK115-180 ⇒ 115-143.75 * BLUE SENTINEL115-180 ⇒ 115-143.75 While season 9 was already a very difficult season for junglers due to majority of them failing to keep up with the solo laner's xp because of numerous hard nerfs to the jungle (Which led to the frustrating heavy gank meta to soak up lane xp to be ahead), it was still possible to have a lead on the enemy when you cleared xp from krugs. Now that solo lanes xp is massively buffed and jungle xp and gold nerfed it is no longer possible to get any lead for a jungler to have a carry impact without them soaking heavy solo lane experience. This is because even with the 30 sec compensation and the gromps exp being increased to balance out the map while every single camp was nerfed junglers will always be dependent on their laners success. This is because even with the camp timer being recuded the xp is so disgustingly minimal that a single wave will be equivalent to your entire red side xp. For example in the preseason if the enemy top laner is 3/0 there is a good chance he is lvl 9 about to hit 10 while the jungler that is 1/0 just managed to hit lvl 6. Due to the fact that dual lane shared exp has been reduced also means a direct nerf to jungle ganks because if the jungler will try to soak up the xp that will mean that both him and his other laner will now be more behind than taking the xp alone. The only viable way to play the carry style as a jungler is to split a solo lane in the mid to late game as nothing else will give you any significant lead. Which is also the reason that "Jungler Diversity" is infact going down completely to the drain due to the fact that only the "support style" junglers that fall off more than the actual supports will become the ones that are viable which was already a trend in season 9 and foremost season 1-2. **_Patch 9.23_** Krugs BASE XP247 (217 on first clear) ⇒ 160 (Ancient Krug's first clear penalty removed) BASE GOLD125 ⇒ 120 Murkwolves BASE XP115 ⇒ 95 BASE GOLD84 ⇒ 70 Gromp BASE HEALTH1800 ⇒ 2100 BASE XP115 ⇒ 135 BASE GOLD86 ⇒ 105 Raptors BASE XP115 ⇒ 95 BASE GOLD112 ⇒ 85 The only positive change of the patch that helped increase "jungler diversity" was the xp change (revert) that allows junglers to hit lvl 3 off of each side of the map rather than only the redside. My strong advice to help "jungler diversity" is to remove either remove the educed 30 second and buff / revert jungle xp from previous seasons or simply buff the jungle xp so that other roles aside from the early or the support jungler will be viable in the meta. At the moment the Jungle meta feels extremely impoverished as seen by previous threads on the boards. It is really important that changes should be made in a positive effect in the jungle as in the moment jungle simply feels like an under-leveled smite bot that had only one duty of securing the super strong preseason objectives.
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