Few concerns as a Yorick main

Edit: We've been heard. > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=EQ6VnjTH,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-30T15:56:35.158+0000) > > Yorick > > We’ve got a change going into 8.12 where Yorick’s summons will update their stats as Yorick’s stats update. In particular that means things that give/remove > AD post cast (Sterak’s, Conqueror, Mocking Shout etc) will be more relevant. 1. The addition of Conqueror buffed everyone else way more than us. Ghouls and Maiden don't update their AD when Conqueror procs, so we get the true damage but not the benefit of bonus AD really. We did much better when it didn't exist and Grasp was our go-to keystone. 2. Banner of Command being nerfed is another nerf to us, since it was a go-to item in many scenarios. I don't blame you, this nerf is warranted and we were just riding the abuse train. 3. Sterak's being converted to bonus AD is a major nerf for us. Yorick has all of 1 damage skill and this change severely cuts that damage down. And if you tie this bonus AD to the shield effect, then ghouls and Maiden won't receive the bonus if they are already summoned. 4. Spear of Shojin and Atma's are not gonna be good for us while extremely good for our opponents. Yorick will probably find some use out of Spear, but since the item is already tailored more towards light fighters than bruisers, obviously light fighters are getting the much better end of this. Atma's on the other hand is made for bruisers. But sadly, Yorick isn't an auto attack champion. You really don't want to be auto-ing as much as Yorick and leaving the dirty work to your pets while weaving in Q's here and there. To add more insult to injury, once again, ghouls and Maiden do not update their AD after being summoned so Atma's bonus AD effect won't do anything for us. 5. New total armor penetration LW items are naturally gonna suck for us depending on how high the number is. 6. Can't tell if IE is gonna suck more or not, idk the value of 15% true damage vs +50% crit damage. 7. Almost forgot about this one. Resolve base stat changes giving you much less health early where Yorick struggles the most. 8. Also we got a -3 AD nerf to compensate for the Sterak's change to +50% base AD awhile back. All in all it just feels like we're getting the short end of the stick here. I don't expect anything to be tailored for the specific case of a single champion, but just keep an eye out for this guy after the patch hits, as I highly expect it to be way harder to do anything on this champion. One really simple change you could do right now for us though is to make ghouls and Maiden update their AD while they are summoned. This would alleviate alot of the issues.
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