RGM + LCU brain dump

**TL;DR:** We have the first two Rotating Game Modes (RGM) working in League Client Update (LCU) for 6.24, although we're still in beta and it's a little rough! We're going to continue the current RGM cadence of one game mode per patch while we focus on getting more modes LCU-ready and make new stuff for 2017 like the Doom Bots and Winter Summoner's Rift we just did. Heya guys, thought I'd do one more of these before the end of the year to give you an idea of what's coming up for RGM and LCU in 2017. :D I want to keep doing these as regularly as possible (assuming there's something worth talking about) to keep you guys up to date on what we're thinking and the direction we're heading in. As of 6.24 we'll finally have the first few RGM modes available in LCU. Yaaay! \^o^/ LCU is still in beta though, and the RGM modes will be a bit bumpy to get started, so apologies in advance for some missing backgrounds, generic text, etc. **We made a choice though to try and get RGM modes out to you guys as soon as possible in LCU (even if they're a bit janky) rather than make everyone wait extra months just so a menu somewhere could be perfect. ** It'll look like this to start: http://i.imgur.com/UTc9Eqt.png You may have also noticed we've slowed down the cadence on releasing new game modes. As of 6.21 we started doubling up modes in each patch. This is partly due to us working to get each mode stood up in LCU, but it's also because we've been focusing on future game modes and cool stuff for 2017. Some examples of that are the recent Doom Bots mode we did, and the upcoming new Legend of the Poro King mode and Winter Summoner's Rift map! We're working on even more stuff like this for next year, so in the meantime, we're probably going to continue the one mode per patch cadence. Personally I'm pretty excited to get all our stuff working in the new client. Once we're done it'll give us the freedom to do even cooler stuff than we could in the AIR client. It's just gonna take some time as we work through it. Thanks for your continued patience and support! I'll be chilling in here today, so feel free to prod me with any questions. ^_^b -- L4T3NCY
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