The ranking system is broken

I know we hear about this from different players but it really needs to be addressed. The biggest issue lies whenever you get to a point where you lose more LP than you gain. The common response is win more. Well I have gone on winning streaks and have a positive winning record and there is no change. Once you get in the hole you are stuck in the hole. You simply move back and forth between being promoted and demoted. The issue is that you can win four games in a row and almost lose EVERYTHING you've gained if you lose twice. This is incredibly frustrating as it makes climbing nearly impossible. I know for whatever reason this is what Riot wants but it feels incredibly unfair to those of us not in gold and beyond. This is making the game virtually unplayable and not fun. I don't want to be rewarded with logos and banners and bullshit. I want to be rewarded by seeing myself make some actual progress!
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