Twitch's stealth vs human reaction time

Human reaction time is around 0.25 sec, i happen to be a tad slow at 0.3, some people are slower, some are faster. Late game Twitch can get close to, or even hit the 2.5 attack per second limit, which means he fires every 0.4 seconds. If he fire his first attack from stealth at t=0.0, his second at t=0.4, and his third at t=0.8.... Factoring the average human reaction time and server ping, you have at MOST 0.5 seconds to react and do anything if he can kill you in three attacks, or at worst 0.1 seconds if he crits twice and kills you in two attacks. Considering he will probably start attacking you from outside your threat zone, and that most projectiles have a delay, and that most CC spells are telegraphed, it means that unless you are tanky...... .... *drumrolls* Lategame {{champion:29}} has no counterplay.
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