A new player will have to get to level 322 in order to get all champions...

Current cost for all champions: 538,350 BE Current BE gain: 910 non milestone level average then 2120 average every 10 levels Only using champion shards to buy champs -- Only buying champs you have the shard for decreases the total cost by 40% to 323,010 BE. -- You will have lost the 20% disenchant BE from the shards you didn't disenchant adding 107,670 BE. -- Grand total of 430,680 BE. -- Using max BE gain (perfect capsule every capsule) you gain 13,380 BE every 10 levels 430,680/13,380x10=Level 322 (This would require you get 1 of each champion shard then only 6300 champs in capsules, which to say the least would be a statistical anomaly) -- Using average BE gain values above you gain on average 10,310 BE every 10 levels -- 430,680/10,310x10= Level 418 AVERAGE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This of course is assuming you get one shard for each champion in the 322/418 capsules you will have received. Choosing the order that you buy champs -- Buying champs from the store requires the full 583,350 -- Max BE gain: 538,350/13,380x10= Level 403 -- Average BE gain: 538,350/10,310x10= Level 523 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both of these scenarios do not take into account the acquisition of champion shards from boxes. TLDR: If you only get perfect rolls when you open capsules you can get all champions by level 322, if you get average rolls you can get all champions by level 418, if you only buy champions through the store and don't use shards it will take until level 403 with perfect rolls, or level 523 with average rolls. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: See u/Dragongard 's full post or u/Jean-Hubert 's post to see how many games you'd need to play. Another Edit: So initially i calculated that mystery champions (3950 BE) as being more expensive than a discounted 6300 champ (3780 BE). However, I forgot the cost of the champion shard in the calculation (5040 BE total)! Note: 4800 champs cost (3840 BE) with the lost BE from the champion shard so that is still not the quickest way. So now if you are able to get 1 of each champion shard, and then only 6300 champs in capsules, and then only get the 6300 champs when the BE store is available with the mystery champion... This makes the new lowest level for all champs LEVEL 246! Thanks for the input everyone who mentioned this. #NotMyWork Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7byxyz/a_new_player_needs_to_hit_at_least_level_322_in/ #EDIT Apparently people think this is a anti-riot post, im just reposting the facts here at no point did i say anything about riot being a good or bad company.
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