Show Ryze a little bit of love now that the Worlds patch is obviously being played on

After Ryze was disgustingly gutted a few patches ago, he just feels awful to play in my opinion. No shield on his passive anymore which makes him super squishy since he's a low to mid-ranged mage. E doesn't do damage to surrounding targets anymore but does spread to all surrounding targets on one cast which is a decent compensation buff. E also lost flux damage per level up which is now found on his R. This makes Ryze very weak compared to pre-nerf and makes his wave clear slightly worst since E doesn't do damage to surrounding targets and E > Q does less damage since E no longer has damage increase per level up. W change I'm ok with since it was annoying to play against a point click root and if Ryze is in a sticky situation, he should E > W for the root rather than increasing the root duration as it did pre-nerf. Q stayed the same and obviously like I said before, passive lost the shield functionality which I would love to see come back since so much of his kit was just nerf, nerf, nerfed.
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