Another champion is coming

Champion Roadmap: October 2019
Hey all, with League's 10-year anniversary underway, it seems like the perfect time to talk about the new champions and VGUs we're working on. Let's jump right in, starting with the champion we just previewed: Senna. As many of you recently saw, the next new champion will be Senna, a very non-traditional marksman coming to League soon.
i hope you guys are actually aware that there is yet another champion coming at the end of this year but hey they also say that he might get announced at the end of this year but released early 2020 It's going to be the ionian juggernaut a traditional juggernaut champion that uses boxing to fight and he might be released as a jungler but can be played top or the other way around What do you guys think, IMO im excited for him cuz i actually like watching boxing and it has a good while since we had a traditional juggernaut but im not that excited too because riot keep spamming champions every 1-2 months
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