Can Rammus' Q Being a Channel Get Reverted?

Seriously, this changed singlehandedly dumpstered Rammus. His Q is his only means to get close to enemy champions, and it being cancelled by any form of hard CC makes it completely unreliable. Prior to the change there was already plenty of counter play to it. You could use minions to block his pathing, CC still delayed the amount of time Rammus had to close the gap and tanks could body block it for their team. Additionally, this makes it incredibly wonky to use {{item:3800}} {{item:2065}} and Predator, as activating these items interrupts his Q. Finally, Rammus' inability to kill Scuttlecrab (he can't taunt it, if he uses W to increase his passive damage, Scuttle out runs him) has sent him further into the dumpster. In a meta where ADCs are so dominant, and Rammus is unable to do his job as a hard counter to them, it should be abundantly clear that he needs some love.
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