Nerf Nautilus, he's freelo atm and it's sickening. So there's news that Blitz is getting a nerf after his WR skyrocketed due to his previous buff. It was unnecessary and for once, I'd rather take a skin regurgitated to us over a buff on him any day. However, Nautilus still ignores the chopping block. You can't do much against him unless you play Morgana. 99% of the time a Nautilus is gonna ban Morgana. And who has time to ban Nautilus when {{champion:222}} {{champion:555}} can't seem to go banned unless you force build completely against them. So here is a poll, what would you like to see changed on him? I personally think his root in his passive should be removed. i also think his Ult should NOT be a point and click that does AOE CC to every enemy around. Additionally, his Q missing should NOT refund Mana nor go on CD quicker.
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