My thoughts on playing ADC atm.

Started playing adc again on one of my accounts again despite it being an odd time to go back to maining that role, and this is what I think about the role in 8.11. If you find a way to get ahead in the early game, it feels just like it did before. You can get the items you need to deal dmg and it feels like you're in a good position to carry, even if someone on the enemy team did just as well. However if you fell behind in lane, it feels like you as ADC become largely irrelevant to the game short of getting a large gold spike from maybe a lucky cleanup. Any kind of play for late game strat feels impracticle. If both ADC's go even, games will usually be decided by a different lane because then BOTH adc's are largely irrelevant. Have had very few games go long enough for ADC's to get the kind of items necessary to hyper carry without being fed. Makes the role kind of awkward, especially since whether or not you get ahead has very little to do with you. You're typically the weakest person on that side of the map early, even with jg nerfs jg is usually stronger. This is kinda shitty because adc's were never actually that strong this season, enchanter supports were and they made adc's look strong. But they nerfed the enchanter supports around the same time as crit... all to force pyke to be a non-troll pick in the role they'd intended him for. Most of the changes that would be needed to make bot lane feel like it did before though would be general lowering damage across the board. Make it so someone needs to be fed to one shot an adc again, assassin or not. Otherwise eventually marksman will become the troll picks and everyones just going to go bruisers, because how useful is a glass cannon that CAN do damage, if he's guaranteed to be dead at the start of a teamfight? Also if games were to go longer again it would give adc's the opportunity to farm up to scale like they use to be able to do. Now, depending on the rest of your team comp, if you try to hug a side lane until you've caught up in gold from lane phase, the enemy team as 5 will probably get enough objectives in that time to secure themselves the win.
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