Not finding success with any champion

Summoners, I'm stressed. I've been playing this game for what must be over 4 years now - not only am I still trash, but I also haven't found a main, and that's really the purpose of this thread: what do I do if I'm trash at every single champion in the game. That isn't to say I lose on every champion. But that's the second part of the problem, really. I win on the same champions anyone will win on: malphite, garen, annie, etc. The "beginner" champions designed to teach you the game, not as actual champions. The idea is you play these champions until you're good enough to play actual characters that take some level of skill - only, the minute I touch those characters, I get trashed. I don't want to win games with malphite or garen because I'm not the one winning, the champion is. There really isn't a single play style, role or champion that meshes well with me. I'm not expecting instant success, but given I'm not new to the game, there should be someone I'm at least decent with, right? So then Is there just something wrong with me? I don't really get it. I'm honestly not even good with those free win champions. I miss malphite ults. I lose lane as Garen. I feed on the easiest champions in the game at a level where that should not be physically possible - so how am I meant to play any actual champions if I can't even play those?
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